Inventory Sustainability proposal Achterom

As you know, the landlord of the Achterom apartment complex has plans to make the homes more sustainable. Together with real estate manager Dalpha Real Estate, homeowners’ association insurer Centraal Beheer and its sustainability partner Climate Mission Netherlands, a sustainability plan has been developed and presented to you.

Why make it more sustainable?

Together we want to create a pleasant living environment. In recent times, residents have clearly indicated that heat stress is a very important point of attention when it comes to home improvements. How can we approach this in combination with making the homes in Achterom energy efficient and comfortable? And what steps can be taken towards natural gas-free living?

Ambition: Energy-efficient and comfortable homes

There is an ambition to realize an energy-efficient, comfortable and natural gas-free home. Alpha Real Estate is prepared to invest approximately €55,000 per home to realize this. This investment will: replace and insulate the roof, install solar panels on the roof, replace the window frames and glass. There will also be outdoor sun blinds on Spuistraat. Each home is installed: a heat pump, mechanical ventilation with CO2 and moisture sensor and low temperature convectors.

Ambition: neutral housing costs

Improving and making homes more sustainable requires a significant investment from the owner. After the renovation, the homes are permanently more energy efficient and comfortable. The approach here is that the financial benefit of energy savings is converted into a rent increase that takes effect after completion of the home renovation. The landlord strives to ensure that your housing costs remain virtually the same. In this way we want to keep it feasible and affordable for all residents.

Good to know:

Only after further development of the Sustainability Proposal, including 1-on-1 conversations with you as a resident based on your actual situation, will a vote be held whether or not to definitively carry out the renovation. This inventory is a first step in deciding whether or not to further develop the sustainability plan into a Detailed Plan.

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